We got 31

With the help of Alaska Airlines, we got the rest of the Bald Eagles in From Kodiak. This is the most eagles that Bird TLC has taken in at one time. since the organization started.

I'll have more stories and pictures when I get the time. The first picture is the wash station. Each bird will be thoroughly washed in 105° temp water with Dawn soap. Their talons are wrapped for safety and a hood is placed over their eyes to help calm them down.

Picture #2 is the rinse station. There must be no fish oil residue or soap residue left behind. It takes any where's fron 45 minutes to 1 hour to wash and rinse each bird. It takes 3 people to do it safely.

Picture #3 is 21 eagles in kennels in a room where the heat is being maintained at 80°. Before they can be moved to a larger mew they must be dry. We only have one in critical condition right now, but he is being monitored closely.

Thanks again to everyone for their support. I'll have more for you soon.
Here's today's story in ADN.

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