16 OBS eagles now at flight center

At first I thought we had one of our birds on the wrong side of the netting. Then I counted the eagles in the cell and checked the status board and the one on top made one too many eagles. That's when we figured we had a visitor on the outside looking in. I bet he was eyeing all of the salmon these guys are getting. He didn't move until I yelled for Cindy and Greg to check it out. He flew to the closest tree about 50 feet away and continued to watch us.

Anyhow, we took another 7 eagles out to the flight center. That makes a total of 16 OBS birds out there right now. The first 9 are looking strong and are getting close to release. They might, I repeat might get sent to Kodiak this weekend.

With the cold temperatures we've been having (-5°f as I write this), if they can survive that they can survive it in Kodiak. Cindy's all bundled up in her new insulated Carharts. She's no dummy. I bet those eagles would like a set also.

Anyhow, things are moving along a little faster than planned. That's good for the eagles. I think some of them are ready to go today. But just like anything else, there's a process that we must follow. So they have to follow along also. So for beiing patient, they continue to get their free salmon dinners on Bird TLC.