A cup of coffee and a Snowy Owl please

Our friends at Terra Bella Bakery and Cafe' held a Raptor Roast a few weeks back. With all of the business of the OBS eagles going on I'm just now able to get a post up on it.

Lisa is a new Snowy Owl presenter, but she has been a volunteer, presenter and caretaker for other Bird TLC birds for almost 15 years. I personally enjoy her presentations because of her knowledge of the species she presents.

Lisa had been checked off on presenting Anna, our female Snowy Owl. But Anna had to have her wing operated on and it wouldn't be healed or presentable for Raptor Roast. Ghost, our male Snowy Owl was available, so he got to pinch hit for Anna. Even though he had a surprised look on his face when she first took him out of his kennel, he took to Lisa and Terra Bella just fine.

We all got to taste Terra Bella's organic and fair trade coffee that's roasted right here in Alaska. Lisa also told us of the relationships of coffee and owls. Because of Raptor Roast, I've become an almost regular customer at Terra Bella's. They have great coffee and it's a nice place to have lunch.