A Fish Story

Our guest have been eating up a storm. Lucky us, we've been having a big response from the local community on donating fish. Outside our front door we have a drop off bin where you can drop off unprocessed salmon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the winter temperatures the way they are, the fish keeps until we can get it into a freezer. Ocean Beauty Seafood has offered us Salmon, but there's not a need for it now. We'll save that for when our stock is low.

One donation would be a trophy fish anywhere's but Alaska. It's hard to tell it's weight because it has been gutted and is also frozen, but you can tell in the picture that I'm mumbling "Hurry up and shoot" to Greg. It was pretty cold also.

Things are moving along well with the OBS eagles. We just did full exams with blood and everything and found 9 that were ready to go out to the flight center on Camp Carrol. It's their last step before they are sent back to Kodiak for release. Notice the winter coats being worn in the exam room. Cindy and Greg would catch an eagle from one of the outside mews and bring it right into the exam room. When they were done they would go get another one.

I belive the eagles now believe that Cindy is some type of vampire. Look at all th viles from todays blood samples.

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