Tar Heel Raven

If you happen to be in Chapel Hill, NC and you just happen to see a raven, say "Hi Poe". Poe is a non-releasable raven that was placed in NC about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately there wasn't room for him in our education program.

Poe came to TLC about a year ago with a wing injury that left him non-releasable. He stayed with us while we determined if he could be used as a education bird or just a display bird. During that time Poe educated us.

A large blue moving blanket was placed over one wall of his mew to help block some of the cold winds we had a few weeks back. Poe didn't like it because he couldn't see who was pulling up to the clinic. He would put his beak through the mesh and push the blanket aside so he could see.

Poe also did imitations. He was an expert at imitating a dripping faucet. "Doink, Doink". He also kept the local raven community well fed. He would regularly have other raven visitors perching on the same perch as him but outside of his mew. The meal that was placed in Poe's mew by the volunteers would get shared with the visitor.

Poe was never lonely. He had many raven visitors most of the day. TLC volunteers would spend time just visiting him because he had such a personality. Poe will be missed at TLC but we know he has made some new friends in Chapel Hill, NC.