Good-Bye Anna / Sybil

Bird TLC Education Bird Anna once known as Sybil passed away Friday after complications from surgery. Anna was estimated at about 18 years old if not older. She came to Bird TLC 15 years ago with a broken right wing which had to have a partial amputation. During her original exam, a band was found on one of her legs. The band was researched and it had been placed on her leg by a biologist in Russia. At this time Sybil developed a reputation as being a very aggressive bird.

After healing, Sybil was entered into our education program. Bird TLC was very young at that time and records are not very clear who all she was placed with for care taking and who all worked with her. I do know she spent many years with Leslie Lancaster and Leslie also mentored Linda Johnson on Sybil. Leslie told Linda that if she could handle Sybil, an eagle would be no problem.

Unfortunately Leslie passed away in a car accident a year and a half ago. At that time Sybil was brought to the clinic at TLC. She needed a new caretaker and handler. Cindy Palmatier stepped up to the plate. She had worked with snowies in the past and she knew Sybil's history. I've seen video of Cindy introducing herself to Sybil wearing leather chaps, a leather coat and leather gloves just to feed her. This bird was fierce.

The Education Committee wanted to improve the birds
reputation, so they renamed her Anastassia or Anna for short. This helped relate to her Russian ancestry. Cindy worked with Anna hard and finally had her eating while on fist. But with Cindy's new duties at TLC, it left her with little time to work with Anna.

Long time volunteer Leslie Pujot stepped up to the plate and was signed off as Anna's presenter in January. Unfortunately she was never able to presenter before Anna passed on.

Anna you paid your dues and you represented Bird TLC well. Say hello to Leslie and Morgan for us. We'll miss you at Bird TLC.