There's nothing more Alaskan or more American than duct tape.

The inside mews where we keep the eagles at when we first get them at TLC are only 3 feet wide. The idea is to limit their movement so they can heal and then move them to a larger mew. Sometimes they don't see things our way and try to jump around a bit. Just like you and I, the first thing they damage is their elbows.

So we try to protect those elbows of the jumpers. We couldn't find anything specifically labeled for the protection of eagle elbows and we've tried everything in the medical catalog. So Cindy said "duct tape". So we tried dust tape and guess what. It worked. It pads the elbows and the birds have trouble trying to tear it off themselves. Sure, sometimes when we take it off it also takes a feather or two, but they grow back.

We've been using duct tape like this for quite some time now and it works great. We get a few funny looks from visitors sometimes, but our eagles have healthy elbows.