#54 Bald Eagle arrived Thursday

We average 50 Bald Eagles a year. Our record was 52 which we've hit twice. Last Friday from Kenai, we got #53 in for the year. Unfortunately he arrived at the clinic already passed on.

Yesterday we got in #54 from Kodiak. It was found on the ground with a broken wing. Well, it's wing was so mangled, it was almost a self amputation. Unfortunately the wing couldn't be saved. The amputation was completed just below the elbow.

There is no way #54 would survive in the wild. He would have starved to death, like he almost did until he was found by U.S.F.&W. If you look closely at the picture, he was on the ground for a while. It's feathers are worn, he's filthy and very thin.

If #54 recovers, he'll become an education bird somewheres. He'll place easily in another program outside of Alaska. First he needs to get his health and strength back. That we'll help him with.

I don't ask this in my post much, but so far this has been a tough year. We have been getting excellent support from the local community for food supplies for the birds. Unfortunately it takes more than just food. The amount of birds we have been getting in this year has taken a toll on some of our equipment and supplies. Money is what it's all about. With it we can buy more supplies and repair our equipment. If you can find it in your heart to help out, it would be appreciated to no end. Just tell them Dave on the blog asked for it.

Send your checks to:

Bird TLC
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