And that's a good thing. BE 08-48 was the eagle from the last post. When we left him Wednesday night, I expected him to be found dead the next morning. He wasn't standing at all. The only response we were getting was a little blinking and very short breaths.

This picture was taken today at lunch time. I'm glad I was wrong. Those of you who spoke with the eagle gods, well it worked.

BE 08-49 I picked up yesterday with a little less fan fare. He was found at the Soldotna dump. U.S.F. & W. was on a call and drove past him. They saw him on his back and thought he was dead. They took care of their call and came back to pick up the body, and it moved. Then they shipped him to us.

Both birds were toxic. They ate something they shouldn't have and it tried to kill them. 48 Smelled of turpentine. Usually by the time we get a toxic bird it's too late. I'm glad that wasn't so with these 2.