2008 Mew Yard Spring Clean Up

2008 Mew Yard Spring Clean Up was a squeaking success. We had a great turn out of Bird TLC Volunteers and we got everything done on our to do list. Even the weather was awesome.

All of the mews got pressure washed inside and out, new visqueen to protect the walls from mewts, a truck lad of weeds were pulled and repairs were made to mew #3.

There are things we can't do to the mews during the winter because of the extreme temperatures. The walls can't be washed or doors adjusted when it's 20° outside. So this is the beginning of spring and a good time to get it all done all at once. There was a lot to be done also. We've been busier this year and the wear and tear showed.

Thanks to the following for making today an awesome clean up day; Bev, Terri, Larry, Mary, Dick, Wayne, Debbie, Doug, Susan, Megan and Cindy.

Also, Thanks to The Moose's Tooth for the free pizza and CPR Automotive for the use of their pressure washer again.

Megan said it all right before we left for the day, "We have the best volunteers".