Good things happen

Thanks to our new friends at Rusty's Towing and Recovery, an eyesore was removed from the Bird TLC property over looking Potter Marsh.

Over a month ago someone or someones deposited this relic over the bluff making it extremely hard to retrieve. Also, with the end of summer, the ground was real muddy, so a recovery vehicle couldn't get back into where it needed to.

I called Rusty about 2 weeks ago. He asked for me to call back when the ground had hardened. It finally had and he sent a wrecker out in between other jobs. What's humorous is that Dave the wrecker driver had just dropped an injured yellow warbler off at the clinic this morning. Before that he had never heard of us.

You could tell that Dave had done this type of job before. He had the experience, the personality and the truck. TLC volunteer Greg took the cable down the bluff and attached it to the car. Within 15 minutes it was at the top and ready to go to the junk yard.

Thanks to some misguided citizens we aquired this car. Thanks to a generous local businessman in our community and his professional employee we had this fine Detroit specimen removed. Thier phone number will be the only one I give out when someone needs their service.

Rusty and Dave, Thanks a bunch!!!!