He's outa here

Bird TLC is an organization that has a really good staff and some really dedicated volunteers. But without our awesome supporters, TLC wouldn't exist. Let me introduce Karen & David, two supporters who outbid others at our auction this past March for a chance to release an eagle back to the wild.

They couldn't have picked a more beautiful day for a release. It was nice and sunny with just a little bit of wind. We all drove about 30 minutes south of Anchorage to Bird Point where Megan (our Events Director) had prearranged for us to meet for the release. As we picked out the spot we wanted to actually do the release, 3 vans full of 30 university students and staff from Alabama pulled up. It made us a little leery at first, but once we saw they were really interested we continued on.

We use a release box to release our eagles. We find it to be the safest for both the bird and the people doing the release. Also, the bird doesn't have to be handled too much before being released. The release box was placed on top of a table along a wall facing Cook Inlet with ample room for everyone to gather around at a safe distance.

Karen and David opened the box, the bird jumped up and flew almost directly at 2 of our friends, Britt and John, who came down to take pictures of the release. It continued straight for the Inlet, giving us a little concern and then it turned right looking for a tree to hang out in for a while.

A beautiful and successful release of a very handsome and healthy mature Bald Eagle. We stood around and talked about the release for a while and then we all headed in our own directions. Karen & David returned Megan to TLC, John & Britt went further along Turnagain Arm to take more pictures, Ruth and I went to Girdwood for lunch and all of the people from Alabama went to Seward.

Our eagle is in Bird Point. He originally came from Homer with a fractured wing back in February and who knows, he might head back there on his own or he might find Bird Point a little nicer for him.

Photo credits: Photo #1,3,4, & 5 Ruth Dorsey/ Bird TLC
Photo #2 Britt Coon/ Alaska Zoo

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