It's nice to be recognized

It's always nice to be recognized. The unfortunate accident at Ocean Beauty Seafood in Kodiak back in January of this year got the Bird TLC organization a lot of recognition and a lot of it's members got it also. We had members being interviewed on the Anchorage news channels and newspaper, Kodiak news, APS released it all over the country, we even saw it on CNN.

Today the May edition of Alaska Magazine came out and guess what. Yup, the story finally made it and guess what. Yup, one of Dave's pictures made it also and guess what. My wife Ruth is in the picture. They cropped out Dr Palmatier and Laura Magowan, sorry.

More copies of Alaska Magazine go to people outside of Alaska than what stays in state. (That's including the copies I bought for my mom and sister back in Maryland). If you have or want to visit Alaska, you have ordered Alaska Magazine. It covers recent news, what going on during that month and things like that. It's more tourist minded, but it has a lot of neat stuff in it.

Sorry, you can't check out the story and photo online. We we're the main event or even the second even. But if you see a copy, check out page 10.

So yes I'm cheesing and Ruth has already called her mom and dad.