Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival

One of my favorite presenters at Bird TLC, Lisa and I attended the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival. While there she presented a Great Horned Owl and a Magpie and of course I presented Ghost the Snowy Owl. It's an event that I like going to every year and the birds are always well received by the people there.

On Sunday we did a 3 hour presentation at the Islands and Ocean Visitor Center for all who were attending the Birders Breakfast and all of the Junior Birders who also received their awards there.

Both presentations are always fun. People from all over visit Homer during the festival. It's a great opportunity for them to view birds that aren't from where they are. We also get to educate them on the birds, our organization, our great state and hopefully they use the information to help the birds they do see so they don't have to visit our clinic.

After Saturdays presentation, we were approached by the operator of the City of Soldotna Animal Shelter. She had a Bald Eagle that was toxic from eating something it shouldn't have. She wasn't set up to care take it and asked if we would take it to our clinic. On the return trip I stopped and pick up the eagle and a Herring Gull that had swallowed a fish hook that she picked up that day.

That eagle became the 56 one to come to our clinic this year. It wasn't very grateful, it bit the heck out of my finger. You think it would learn what not to eat.

Thanks to our friend Alex in Homer. He helps us get around every year we go there. He also took the presentation pictures. THANKS BUDDY!!!