Baby Bird Season has struck

What a crazy day it's been. I got a call from Pet Emergency (24 hour vet hospital) that they had 5 baby robins and a duck. I went and picked them up and brought them back to TLC to feed and then find Baby Bird Mom's. I got them bedded down and Mia showed up after a presentation she did, so I drafted her to help out.

Ruth called and I told her what was going on, so she decided to come help out also. Then Pet ER called again. They had another duck and there were some other birds coming in. I called Ruth back and had her swing by Pet ER to pick them up. The duck was there, but the others hadn't shown yet. So we decided to go out to dinner.

As we were waiting for our dinner to be served, Pet ER called saying the other birds had finally shown up. We decided to take these guys home for the night so went and picked up some supplies from TLC. When we got to Pet ER, we discovered they were 8 Tree Swallows.

Tomorrow we'll take them into TLC and find them a Baby Bird Mom to raise them. Right now it's the easy life, eat and sleep.