An eagle among eagles

The weather was fantastic this afternoon and we were in the company of some awesome people. We were invited to do an eagle release on Elmendorf AFB (EAFB) during an appreciation picnic for their people. We couldn't ask for a better setting. What a great crowd.

Our eagle had been with us a long time. It came to TLC with a fractured left wing. After rehabilitation it showed no interest in flying. That happens sometimes, but if you look at these pictures I think it changed its mind.

We have several volunteers at TLC that come from EAFB. They have had the chance to interact with this bird while it was in rehab. Today they got to say goodbye and goodbye it went. He did a great fly by of the crowd and headed south.

These pictures are compliments of our newest volunteer. Actually she's a returning volunteer and we're glad to have her back. Great shots Britt!