3 New patients, an update and some bad pictures

BE 08-66 was brought in today by USF&W from Girdwood. He's seen better days. He wasn't too happy about getting his picture taken. He just wanted to be left alone.

Ruth and I chased a duck around the Anchorage Daily News parking lot for about a half hour. He couldn't fly, but he sure could run and hide under cars. I found him after TLC got a call this morning, but I knew I needed back up. I also figured it would be easier with an emptier parking lot. Well it wasn't easy enough.

OK ladies, everyone say AWWW. ain't it cute. This seagull chick has a broken leg. It'll be with us a couple weeks while it mends and grows a little more.

Our junior great horned owl is coming along fine. He still has the external fixiter on, but he's jumping all over trying to get out. He should be a fun release when it's time.

Sorry about the pix's. The subjects weren't cooperating and like I always say, that sodium lighting in the clinic is a killer for pictures.