It made a specticle of itself

Peter, a USF&W biologist in Nome sent us a Spectacled Eider that he had caught. It had a tear in it's throat and was on the ground for a while and hiding under a building. This is a bird not seen by many even when it's not hiding under a building.

After a goat rope getting it from the airlines it was shipped on, Ruth and I met up with Pam Tuomi, DVM of the Alaska Sealife Center in Seward. She was in town for the weekend and we met her at her husband Jack's clinic, Highland Animal Hospital. There she did an exam and gave it some fluids. She determined that it was well enough to make the trip to Seward and there she'll work on patching her up.

It's now one of their patients. They are better set up to handle waterfowl and the Eider can be a little touchie during rehab. It's in good hands.

This is a very interesting species. Check out the links on both it and ASLC.