When things go bad, it's good to have a great staff

Almost a month ago we had a water pipe break on the second floor on a Sunday afternoon. That means it wasn't discovered until Monday morning. It was predicted that almost 200 gallons of water leaked all over Bird TLC. The offices are what mainly was effected.

The carpets got soaked and so did some of the walls. If you ever smelled wet carpet after a flood, it isn't nice. Drying them out wasn't an option because they were old and well worn. We sub-lease the building from the IBRRC, so the local director had to be informed and she was out of state.

To cut the story and a headache short, the offices had to be emptied and carpet had to be ordered. The staff moved to the second floor and they had to work out of boxes. People who are use to being organize had to suffer through disorganization. Nobody liked it, but what were we to do. They made the best of it and they are real troopers.

They even withstood Dave's razing. For example, Cindy was promoted to the second floor bedroom where she kept all of the files in bed.

Poor Lynette was moved to the balcony so she could see whoever came in the door and Megan was piled in a corner. Greg rewired the phones so we had them where we didn't before.

Anyways, the walls and ceiling tiles have been painted and the carpeting is supposed to be installed on Wednesday. Things should be moved back in and arranged as they want them. Maybe in a week we'll be back to what we call normal. And to look on the bright side, we all kept in shape going up and down those stairs.