20 Years of TLC

WOW! What a day. We celebrated the 20th. Anniversary of Bird TLC, showed our last respects to One Wing, our beloved mascot of almost 20 years who passed away earlier this year and just had a good time.

For Education Birds, there were Bald Eagles, a Golden Eagle, Great horned Owls, Snowy Owl, Saw-whet Owl, Short Eared Owl, a Raven, and a Stellars Jay.

We had guest who were volunteers in the past 20 years, supporters big and small. We had a event called "The Early birds", that featured TLC Education Birds that started before 1995. We heard some good stories out of there. Mary Bethe told the timeline history of Bird TLC and had some pictures to show.

DR. Scott, the founder of Bird TLC, was blessed by the Native Elders. People lined up to shake his hand, show their respect and thanks for the organization he founded.

We had a Merlin release by Erin and then a Bald Eagle release by Dr. Scott, Barbara and 2 visiting Native Elders. 18 years ago, Dr. Scott wrote a poem called "One Wing", I've posted on here before. He was reading it to the crowd, but before he started he said "If you don't want to see a grown man cry, leave". Well, as he read it I don't think there was a dry eye around.

He also told some fond stories of his past with One Wing that definitely kept the crowds attention. He had a special bond with that bird.

Then it was time to spread the ashes. Bird TLC Volunteers and some of our invited Native Elders and Drummers set One Wing free.

Thanks to the Native Drummers visiting from Anchorage and Fairbanks. They were AWESOME! Thanks to Bill Smith who's taking some of One Wings ashes back to Valdez, close to where he was found. Thanks to Kaladi Brothers Coffee for coming out and donating their services. Also, Thanks to Salmon Run Express for their awesome food.

Check out the following for more pictures...

Bird TLC

Britt Coon

John Gomes

Squirrel Chatter