The Bad Boyz of Flight C

Cindy had me move the baby eagles from Fairbanks out to the Flight Center on Wednesday afternoon. They are getting bigger and needed to go there to get their exercise. They are at the age where learning to fly and compete is an issue.

We put them in flight C. It has 3 mature eagles that aren't well flighted due to their injuries. These guys can learn from them and compete with the mature birds for food and place. Being flighted, the boys can escape the matures if they need to by going to a higher perch.

I visited with them for a while and the matures seemed to be more curious than anything. I made the boys fly back and forth several times and they do well flying. However, their landings need a lot of work.

These guys will be releasable. The question right now is when. Right now is not the time, but we have winter moving in on us. Our unwritten policy is not to release birds during winter. We really don't want to release birds that are young and inexperienced. We also don't want to keep them over the winter. The longer they are in captivity they are susceptible to injury.

We'll keep you updated.