Wraps and bandages

We're not all veterinarians at TLC. As a matter of fact we only have two who volunteer regularly. The rest of us are salesman, therapist, artist, retired, wives, husbands. etc. So Cindy has hands on training for us as often as she possibly can to get us or keep us up to speed.

This past Thursday we had a class on "Wraps and Bandages". During the weekdays, Cindy would be the person handling the W&B's, but at night or on the weekend you might be the one. So you better know what your doing if you want a happy patient.

This is my second class. I take it about every year. I pick up a lot of birds at night and on weekends, but seldom do they require a wrap or bandage. I still need the practice, training and fun.

Here's hoping that most of us won't need that training, but if we do I think we'll do just fine.

Photo Credit: Ruth Dorsey / Bird TLC