BE 08-55 back to the WILD

Diamond Animal Hospital has been a supporter of Bird TLC for a few years now. Every year Dr. Seba, owner of DAH, buys a table at our auction and gives the tickets to his staff.

One of the perks this year for buying a table was to get a rehabilitated wild bird release. They were lucky this time and we had a bald eagle, BE 08-55, ready for release. As usual for Dr. Seba, he let his staff do the release and they selected Eagle River Nature Center.

Prior to the release we had coffee and donuts. We also got to meet some of the employee's family members. From there we went down the nature trail to an observation deck that looks like it was made for a release. Four people from DAH were picked to open the release box and then we had a picture perfect release.

Thanks to Diamond Animal Hospital for their support of Bird TLC. Without people like them we would be able to do what we do.

Photo Credit: Ginny Smith / Eagle River Nature Center Volunteer

More pictures of the release at