Gov Palin when......

It was a year ago Tuesday that Governor Sarah Palin helped us release 2 rehabilitated bald eagles at the Bird TLC property. It was delayed a day due to bad weather. Cindy called the Governor on her cell and she said she was still wanting to do it, it just had to wait until after they got out of church.

She arrived at the property driving her kids in her Suburban. She got out and grabbed a red hoodie with the Alaskan Grown logo on it and put it on. She made it a point to walk up to everyone and introduce herself. We knew who she was but she seemed like she was just another person. Who knew a year later she would be running for the number 2 seat in the country.

Bird TLC is not a political organization and you won't see me doing political post. But you will see me post about a person. What we saw was a down to earth mom helping out a not for profit organization and showing her kids a really neat event. She didn't arrive with her nose in the air. She seemed like the mom next door.