How about 2 eagle releases in a weekend?

Our first release was on Saturday at the Bird TLC property. It was a memorial release for Rachel Tolley. Her family and friends all gathered for the release and then her ashes were scattered on the property. The bird released is the one I brought back from Soldotna on my way back from the Kachemak Bay Shore Bird Festival. On its intake exam it bit the heck out of my finger. When we caught it to take it to the release, it bit the heck out of Megans finger.

The next release was Sunday at the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward. They got an eagle in while we were caring for the Ocean Beauty eagles. They held onto it until we got some room at our clinic. The bird had developed pox, an avian disease that is very contagious to birds and also can be deadly to the bird.

She recovered and we asked ASLC if they would like to release it. We couldn't have picked a prettier day in Seward for a release.

As our friend Susan at Susan Gets Native says "Releases are the BEST!"

Photo Credit: first picture Britt Coon / Bird TLC
Photo Credit: second picture Dave Dorsey / Bird TLC