New volunteers

From left to right, Cindy, Amy, Erika and Beki. Amy and Beki are fairly new to the clinic at Bird TLC. They both come with some excitement and help fill the gaps in the crews left when some of our other volunteers had to go back to school.

Here they help with Captain Hook, our bald eagle that came to us a a few months ago with a halibut hook stuck in his mouth. He's recovered from that but was reinjured while out at the flight center. We don't know what happened but he has an abscess on his right elbow, probably caused by another birds talon.

Cindy is draining the abscess while Erika shows Amy and Beki how to restrain the feet and head. Once that was done Erika shows them how to hold the bird while Cindy inserts a pill (antibiotic) into the birds mouth. The business ends of an eagle are its talons and beak. They can do lots of damage if they aren't restrained properly.

So far this year we've taken in 72 eagles and each one has had to have been restrained several times for exams and treatment. Some have to be examined or treated this way everyday depending on what they are here for. You holding the talons or head properly not only keeps you from being hurt but also those who are working with you.

I look forward to working with you Amy & Beki and I'm sure the birds are glad you're there also. We have a few other new folks out there that I'll catch up with later on.