Bye - Bye BE 07-34

BE 07-34 came to Bird TLC early last year with a bone density issue. He wasn't eating properly and he couldn't fly. After some long term R&R at TLC with a proper diet, he became very aggressive around feeding time. We decided it was time for him to go back on his own.

Bird Point was selected along Turnagain Arm. The salmon are still in the area some and it gives a food source. It's nice for these guys to have the best day and night possible for the first one out. It's also nice for them to have a little easy food source at first also.

When we got to Bird Point, it was raining and had high wind gust. So we decided to move towards Girdwood and a little inland from the Arm. Our little caravan of volunteers agreed and most of them followed us to find a good release spot.

We found one in Girdwood. It was still raining, but hardly any wind. We were interrupted for a short bit by a dog that insisted we play fetch with him first. I guess new players is better than listening to the owner, so we played for a bit and then the owner recovered the ball and off they went.

Our bird came out fast. He headed towards the trees to settle down and figure out where he was. It's been over a year since he came to TLC and has some adjusting to do, but we think he'll do just fine.

Photo Credit: Photo's #2 & 3 by Dick Williams / Bird TLC
Photo #1 by Dave Dorsey / Bird TLC