Welcome to the Flight Center cont.

We got over a foot of snow over the weekend. Whenever we get that much snow at once it can make it interesting at the Flight Center for sure.

Fishing net is stretched over the top for a roof. This gives the birds a feeling of being released but are still contained. The net also likes to catch snow. The weight of the snow weighs the net down because it's very stretchable. The snow then needs to be knocked down. The first picture is in cell B before the snow was knocked down and paths were shoveled. There are 3 cells.

Paths need to be shoveled from one end to the other and to and around the perches. We need to be able to get to the perches to feed and check around them for left over food. We need to make sure the birds are eating and we need to clean up what they don't eat.

The kitchen is the only place where there is heat. The average temperature is about 65°. It needs to stay warm enough for the fish to thaw. During winter depending on the temperature, each bird is feed 2 to 2.5 lbs of salmon. Feeding is done every other day. It's always nice to have a place to warm up, but it's also a nice place to keep things you don't want frozen like water, first aid supplies, etc. Remember, there's no running water in the winter months.

My favorite time is after all the work is done and you just finished feeding. It gets all quiet and then all you can hear are the eagles eating. They stand on the fish and pull it apart with their beak. Every once in a while there's a heated discussion about who's piece of fish it is, but there's plenty for all of them. We don't interfere with the discussion unless it gets really ugly.

To be continued.......

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