Mt. Redoubt adviseory

Good Morning,

Just a quick update for everyone, Mt. Redoubt is rumbling again, as I’m sure you have heard. So now seemed like a good time to go over the best way to deal with volcanic ash & birds.


If we have the space, we will bring the outdoor birds inside until the ashfall has subsided. This is especially true of flighted or semi-flighted birds that might suck the ash farther into their airways.

Flight pens:

Stop exercising the birds immediately, just feed & water, causing as little reason for the birds to move/fly as possible.


If you caretake a smaller BTLC bird it would be ideal to move them to an indoor location if possible. If this isn’t possible, or if you caretake a larger bird, assure the top of your mew is covered and let the bird sit quietly as much as possible.

The goal for all of our birds is to have them breathe as little of the ash into their systems as possible. Wild birds usually hunker down when adverse conditions occur, and we want to allow our rehab & education birds the best option to do the same.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know and we will try and get them answered.



Cindy Palmatier
Director of Avian Care