Welcome to the Flight Center cont.......

We have a pretty steady crew out at the Flight Center. Seldom are there openings, but every once in a while we need a back up or fill in here and there. So is the case for the Wednesday slot right now. Long time TLC volunteer Britt is going to fill that slot for a while.

We went out this past Wednesday for feeding and training. It was -12°f. If you're going to get a taste of working at the Flight Center, that's the kind of day that will tell you if you want to work there or not. She's a trooper and she wants to stick with us, so next Wednesday she does it on her own.

Britt's also a pretty good photographer. You've seen her pictures posted her before. Well, this last picture she took of me having a disagreement with an immature bald eagle that came to us after being electrocuted on a telephone pole. Neither one of us won the argument but I walked away.