Another new presenter

Erin Turner signed off on Gandolph the Great Gray Owl on Saturday. Both of them seemed like the perfect fit for one another. Erin was very knowledgeable about GGO's and Gandolph was comfortable on her fist.

Erin is a Bird TLC clinic volunteer for a few years now. Gandolph has been in the education program for about 5 years now. You might have noticed her in the post on 3/7 being presented by Kristen at Terra Bella's.

Bird TLC prefers that every education bird have two presenters. We get a large amount of presentation request and the more people trained to do them, the easier it is on everyone. It also helps in the training of the bird. If a bird is use to a couple different handlers, it will easily adapt if one handler is no longer available for whatever reason.

Welcome aboard Erin and best of luck with Gandolph.
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