If you missed "For the Birds"

A heck of a time was had by all and a lot of money was raised "For the Birds". There were a heck of a lot of good deals made also. There were over 125 silent and live auction items ranging from auto repair to trips to art and jewelry. There were fishing trips and train trips or you could fly any where's that ERA Aviation flies. There was something for everyone.

We also had our education birds doing presentations before the show started. Cindy brought Phoenix the osprey out for his first presentation and he looked like a pro. We had raptors and songbirds showing off who they were and what the auction was about.

Thank you to all of the donors, supporters and thank you to all of the generous people who took something special home. We know times are tough now and every penny has to count.

Also, thanks to all of the volunteers who put the event together and helped during the auction. As always, it can't be done without you!