All things golden

U.S.F.&W. in King Salmon sent us via Penn Air a golden eagle on Monday. I picked him up late and bedded him down at TLC for the evening. He didn't look the best, but had no obvious injuries and it didn't seem immediate life threatening. I called Dr. Palmatier, told him what I had found and told him what I was doing. He agreed and said Cindy would examine him first thing in the morning.

Nothing was found to be physically wrong with him. Dr. Riddle drew blood and the test showed a very low white cell count. They did a transfusion from "Hook" the bald eagle. Cindy took him to Pet Stop and took an x-ray. Nothing was found broken and no foreign objects. That tells us it had ingested something it shouldn't have.

In his condition he doesn't want to eat. So we have to help him out so he can get his strength back. Today Cindy and Erika tube fed him. None of this is a guarantee that he'll pull out of this and survive. But we'll leave no stone unturned trying to make sure he does.