Just visiting

With the possible irruption of Mount Redoubt we have taken in a few visitors. Jack and Notch are both part of Elmendorf AFB memorials. They are non-releasable birds due to different injuries. They normally can be viewed everyday where they have a nice large mew, but it has large open walls on 2 sides not allowing protection from ash. Also, Jack stays mostly on the ground and they don't want him stirring up the ash and inhaling it.

They've been at the Bird TLC flight center on Camp Carroll. At first they were kept inside, but with their stay being longer than expected they were moved outside. Here they have a cell to themselves that's 25' wide by 20' tall by 75' long. They have protection from the weather to include ash if we get any. The caretakers from Elmendorf have access whenever they want, but to give them a break the TLC crew at the flight center are feeding them when they take care of the other eagles that are there.

We hope they are enjoying their stay!