Thanks for the help PenAir

Our golden is hanging in there, but it could use some kind thoughts to whom ever you say your bedtime prayers to. We are still having to tube feed him and today we had to add a heat lamp to help keep him warm. He is more alert and holding his head up.

Tonight PenAir brought us a immature bald eagle from Cold Bay. Cindy and I picked him up and got him back to the clinic for an exam. He's in rough shape with a badly broken right wing. Tomorrow he'll get x-rays and we'll see what we can do for him. He's rather skinny and weak, he must have been down for a little while now. No idea how its injury happened, he was found afterwards.

Big THANKS to PenAir for bringing us these guys. In this trying time right now to have a company donate precious cargo space so we can get these birds to our clinic, is AWESOME!!! Maybe it's because patients and PenAir share the same Alaska airspace?