1st Eagle release of the year

The weather was perfect for the first release of the year. There was a private family memorial with the request for a eagle release on the Bird TLC property. Timing couldn't have been better. We actually had to speed things up a bit so the eagle wouldn't have to spend too much time in the box.

BE 08-75 came to us last year from Kenai National Wildlife Refuge with damage to its left wing tip. It's believed it had an encounter with a prop plane. We had to wait for mother nature to take her course with a moult. After a moult and new feathers on her wing tip, she was able to fly well. So well that she decided to pick on other eagles at the flight center. So we decided she would be the first to go when good spring weather came around.

Best of luck BE 08-75 and enjoy this nice weather we're having.

Thanks to Sheldon Meier for sending us the picture. Also, that's Scott Elsen, one of the 3 people who got to help with the release.