Goodbye and Welcome Back

On Memorial Day weekend, our Great Horned Owl that was at the flight center was released at the Bird TLC property. Gary Bullock, Bird TLC vice-president, Anchorage Fire Department Battalion Chief and all around good guy purchased a release at the Bird TLC auction back in March. This is the one he got to do.

With a little help from his fellow firemen, there was a spectacular release. There's no doubt that this guy can take care of himself now.

Back in April 2008, Captain Hook came to Bird TLC from Homer. He had a halibut hook caught in his mouth and just below his right eye. He recovered from those injuries with a few scars and then was sent to the flight center.

While at the flight center, it was observed after a while that he was not flying. He was brought back to the clinic and an abscess was found on his right elbow. For months it was drained but it never got better. It was decided to amputate at the elbow and it was a good thing. During the operation, the infection was found all the way into the joint. It would have never healed and things would have got a lot worse.

Last week, Captain Hook was returned to the flight center. No, sadly he will never fly again. But, Cindy says she might have found a home for him. This bird has personality or as I call it, birdality. He talks at you. He makes comments that only he understands, but you know what he's really saying.

This bird steals hearts, so be careful.

Photo's 1,2 & 4 courtesy of Britt Coon / Bird TLC . For more flight center pictures, check out Britt's website.

Photo #3 by me.