New Baby Bird Moms

Every year, Bird TLC takes in about 300 baby birds. We get everything from red polls to Eagles. Trying to take care of each of these birds is a huge task that would overwhelm our clinic fast. So the Baby Bird Mom was created several years ago.

Every spring Bird TLC puts on its Baby Bird Mom Class. Cindy Palmatier and Karen Coady instruct future BBM's on what it takes to be a mom. Most people don't realize the commitment.

The star of the show was the baby raven that was taken in last weekend. Karen is the BBM for it. About every 20 minutes it would stick its head up asking to be fed. Everyone got to see exactly what it takes to care take a baby raven.

BBM's can be anyone. Anyone that has the time and patience. Most birds come in young enough that they will require lots of attention at first. Feeding every 15 to 20 minutes the first week and then the lengths between feeding increases until they can feed on their own. Then from there they learn to perch or swim on their own.

People who become BBM's use permits from U.S.F.&W and A.D.F.&G. that are issued to Bird TLC There are strict guidelines they must follow for reporting about the bird up to its release.

Even though this sounds like a lot of work (it is), it's also a very rewarding experience. Many parents like sharing this experience with their own kids.

Baby Bird season has started and I'm sure the new BBM's will be called into action real soon. Bird TLC couldn't do it without them. Best of luck!

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