Sometimes the hunted

I got a call from Megan at the office yesterday. A gentleman had called her about a sand hill crane in his back yard. He saw an eagle attack it and it landed in his yard for cover. It seems to have gotten a broken leg. The guy was watching it because the eagle had perched in a tree and was keeping an eye on it. She wanted me to go recover the crane.

As I got closer to his house I called for more accurate directions. He told me never mind. The neighbors dog had scared the bird off. He said it headed northwest and the eagle was on its tail.

I was on lunch anyways, so I headed north for grunts and giggles. As I headed down a side dirt road, I noticed an older SUV pulled over to the side and the people were looking up at a tree. As I got closer I spotted the eagle they were looking up at. I pulled along side and they said it was after a sand hill crane in the bushes. What are the odds?

I was a little unsure of what to do. The eagle was doing what came natural. It was hunting and the crane was dinner, maybe. I decided to just hangout for a while. A raven didn't like the eagle in the area, so he started giving it a hard time. After a bit the eagle had enough and flew off.

I decided to get my blanket and go check the crane out. As I got closer I did see that its leg was broken. So I took my time and slowly walked towards it. I got about 10 feet away and the neighbor shouted, "can I help you?" On that note, the bird flew away. I watched it fly off and it wasn't long the eagle was headed that way also.

I don't know the ending. They were to far off when I lost sight of them. There was no real way to catch up with them. So, lunch was over and it was back to work.