Captain Hook is cool

Beauty is only skin deep. For some of us, Father Time hasn't been the kindest. Hook was found with a halibut hook in his mouth. Because of that he was left with a scar on the right side of his face that doesn't allow feathers to grow. His eye lid is a little out of shape and He had to have a wing tip removed due to an infection.

He's an older bird. Watching him you know he's been around. He knows how close to let you get or how close he can get to you. He's back at the flight center. One of 6 non-flighted birds awaiting placement at another facility somewhere. But he's the respected bird by the other birds. There are bigger, younger and more aggressive birds in his cell, but he's top bird.

As I've said before, he has birdality. He'll talk to you if you want to talk or not. He'll run up and get the first piece of fish during feeding time. He won't be aggressive towards other birds, but he will give them a piece of his mind.

Yesterday I went out to the flight center to feed and do some yard work. When I got there he was in the water dish taking a bath. I caught him off guard and he got out. I continued on cutting the grass, washing the eagle poo off the walls, raking and getting rid of all the stuff that winter hid from us.

My last chore was to scrub out the water dish, fill it back up and then feed them. I put the hose in the dish and went inside to get
food. I came out 5 minutes later and he was going to town taking another bath. Who could blame him, it was 79°. That's hot for us.

So today Britt and I went back out and put a wading pool in and filled it up. He didn't go near it. Probably because we were there, but we'll go back and check on him again real soon. While he was waiting for us top leave, he laid down and was using a perch to prop his head. His buddy Rollie had his back. He was watching over him.

I tell ya, this guy is cool!