Lots of different birds lately

This plover is as small as a cotton ball. Since he likes insects we want to make sure he gets back where he belongs. This isn't a species that we get many of at TLC. No one could remember if and when we had last had one in the clinic. He's been a little bit of a challenge to keep eating, but so far is doing well.

This young sand hill crane came to us from the Alaska Sealife Center in Seward. It had been attacked by something and sewn back together by their DVM. Since it's a land bird, they sent it up to us. It's coming along fine so far. It's drawing a lot of attention from the volunteers.

Baby bird season has kept us busy for sure this year, but not just baby birds. Adult birds are effected by things this time of year also.

This tundra swan was sent to us by ConocoPhillips from Kuparuk oil field. It's nest was attacked by a fox and she got pretty beat up defending it. Unfortunately when help arrived, the nest was empty. She was sent to us with careful coordination between them and their contract flight from Prudhoe Bay and Anchorage. Also, thanks to Daryl Miller for helping to pick this one up.

We're up to #19 eagle of the year. Bird TLC has been a busy place so far this summer.