Say adios to BE 08-76

Gary Bullock won the bid for this eagle release at our last auction. He gave it to a friends son, Brendan, for his birthday. He couldn't have asked for a more beautiful birthday or a neater birthday present. This present flew away, but that's OK. It was supposed to.

BE 08-76 came to us from the Kodiak NWR in October 2008 with a right eye injury. Unfortunately he lost the eye. He was still a strong bird, so after a few weeks he was sent to the flight center.

He flew beautifully, but he needed some work with his navigation and landings. Only having one eye made life as he was use to a little different now.

All that got better out at the flight center. He soon became one of the favorites of the volunteers. This late spring he was determined releasable and was waiting his turn to be set free.

Brandon's birthday was the day. He took out of the box without looking back. He's on his own now. He has to hunt and defend for himself. No fresh salmon will be brought to him, he has to get his own dinner now.

Thanks go out to Niki for helping me with getting Ol' One Eye from the flight center and getting set up.