Bizy, Bizy, Bizy

I'll bring you up to date on some things. Our Great Gray Owl out at the flight center is doing a lot better. Its flight is longer and stronger and she's eating well. I bet she'll be gone before too long.

After last weekends eagle release in Girdwood, we don't have any flighted eagles at the flight center. Cell A was empty so it got a few repairs. When that was done, a Northern Goshawk was added. It came to us from Liz in the Kenai Wildlife Refuge for failure to thrive. It's doing awesome now.

Don't be alarmed at its tail. We have a tail guard on it while in captivity. If it does any damage to those tail feathers while it's with us, chances are it would have to stay until the next molt. So tail guard it is.

Britt, Gus and I did a presentation at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art for the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau. We got to meet a lot of folks from all over. We had a fun time!

I got a lot more. Will post when I can