Low inventory at the Flight Center

We're down to one bald eagle at the flight center. Captain Hook is waiting for placement. Cindy says it's tough with him. He has a partial wing amputation and the feathers don't grow well on the right side of his face. He's not pretty. Hook has seen eagles come and go. Some were released, some were placed at other organizations, and he lost his friend Rollie.

Britt and I disagree. He has birdality and an interesting history. He's also a survivor. Any organization that accepts this bird will be getting an awesome representative of bald eagles. I wish he cold stay with Bird TLC, but our permits only allow 4 bald eagles and our Education Program is full. He's Hook!

We have 2 great horned owls that will be releasable. They're gaining their flight strength back and getting plenty of flight time. One came to Bird TLC with a broken wing and the other was pretty bruised up from being tangled in fishing line. Both are coming along well and we'll keep you updated

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