We released 2 today

Robin Smith & Eric McCallum opened their home and held a release party helping to raise some much needed funds for Bird TLC today. Some of those who attended were able to release two birds back to the wild.

The first release was the Great Gray Owl from Glennallen. It came out of the box and headed for the woods. Tonight she's spending the night overlooking Cook Inlet.

Bird #2 was the Northern Goshawk from Kenai. She took off like a bullet and glided over the trees for a few before finding a place to perch to check things out.

Thanks to our host and hostess for a great event. Also thanks to the attendees who are great supporters of Bird TLC. Without this kind of support, rehabilitation for raptors like these wouldn't be available in the Anchorage area.

For more pictures, click here.

Photo Credit: Britt Coon / Bird TLC