Duck n donuts

I got a call from Valerie at the Bird TLC office right about lunch time. She said a lady had called and said she had a duck. I asked what was wrong with it. She said the lady said it won't leave. I said that it had missed migration and it's too cold for it to even try. She said well, it won't leave her restaurant. It was in it. She said it followed a customer in and it has made itself comfortable.

I asked what restaurant. She told me it was Jerry's Donuts and Burgers. I knew right where it was. I get donuts for my customers there from time to time. I walked in and sure enough, the male mallard was sitting under an artificial tree watching everyone walk by.

I caught him after a slight duck chase through the restaurant and into the restroom. With the help of a patron, I got him into the carrier. A dozen plus donuts, the duck and I head to TLC.

We were meet by Terry & Bev, two of the nicest volunteers to ever help a duck. They checked him out and couldn't find anything wrong, so they bedded him down in a warm mew with lots of duck chow. He'll spend a few day and if all is well we'll try to get him headed in the right direction.