More BE 09-31

We have a couple different things in the works right now for #31. We have a dentist coming in on Sunday to take a mold of our beak. We know he can never be released again, but we can be more handsome with some help.

In the mean time Cindy has been trying a prototype of her own using some poly mar clay from a local craft shop. She started at home shaping away at her kitchen table for several hours. The next day was time for the initial fit. The exterior we're not concerned about just yet. First it has to fit the existing beak without trimming what's left. It needs to add support to the upper beak for strength. It needs to have holes for the nares and breathing. We don't want a permanent attachment, but using some type of adhesive.

Some final trimming was still needed before it snapped into place with some Polygrip to help it stay in place.

So far the experiment is working.
Thanks to those who have donated to help out with the expense of helping BE 09-31 out. Your donations are helping with the expense of maintaining a healthy bird and hopefully helping this guy look a little more natural and help reinforce it's beak. Since he needs some special help, your donations keep us from having to take away from other areas where the money is also needed.
If you would like to donate to help out, please click the donate button below.

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