UPDATE on BE 09-31 Bald Eagle

This guy came in weighing 8.5 lbs . That's a little on the small side for him. He was probably taking care of himself as best as he could, but not enough to maintain a healthy weight.

Since he's not releasable, he's going to be at Bird TLC for a while. How long is yet to be determined. Long term rehabilitation can get costly.

This bird is a beautiful fully flighted bald eagle that in time will be even more beautiful. Once he's stable, has his weight up and is proven to be 100% healthy, (minus the injury) then the type of repairs on the beak will be considered.

Cindy Palmatier, Director of Avian Care at Bird TLC is asking the public to help out with the cost of this birds rehabilitation. With the nation being in a recession, donations to Bird TLC are off about 20% this year. The added cost of this birds care can take its toll in other areas of the clinic where the money is desperately needed. Every dollar donated through the donation button bellow will go to this birds care. We know being the holiday season makes it tough, but this guy is a fighter and can use the help.