How about a transfussion for lunch?

I was supposed to take my friend Britt to lunch at the Greek Corner. With all of the holiday stuff, she was sick for a bit and just things getting in the way, we hadn't done much together. Right before lunch time I got a call from Valarie at the TLC office about an eagle coming in from Kodiak. Cindy has been swamped trying to catch Red, getting EOY reports done and trying to get all things squared away so she could leave town for a week. Sure, I can go get it and bring it back to TLC and drop it off and head out to lunch. Fortunately I picked Britt up before the eagle.
We get to the clinic and Cindy starts the exam right away. The bird looks physically fine but is very pale and its mewts are discolored. Toxic reaction is suspected and is tube feed to neutralize whatever it might have taken in. Blood is taken and it's found to be extremely anemic. A transfusion is lined up.

Did I mention Britt is taking the photo's? It don't look like we're going to make it to the Greek Corner today. Thanks for a friend who understands and actually gets to join in.
Blood is taken from an immature in rehab. It wasn't a happy participant. Britt is then recruited to help out because we've run out of hands. The transfusion is given to our new patient. He's given a clean mew, water and lunch. He's being monitored and blood will be taken and tested again in a few days to see if what was going on is still going on.
Time is up. I need to get back to my real job and Britt has an appointment to go to. That was lunch I guess. Hopefully when we get to reschedule, we get to go to the Greek Corner.
For more pictures of our lunch, check out Britts website.

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