Of Eagles and Waxwings

BE 10-003 came in late Saturday night from Kodiak. It was found with a fox leg trap attached to its left leg. I picked it up at Era Alaska with some fantastic help from their employee's. I took it to PET ER because it's hard to handle an eagle like this on your own and I didn't want to stir anyone out of their home knowing it would be a late nighter.

Dr. Doty had stayed late to help out. She and her staff are big supporters of Bird TLC. We took x-rays and confirmed it was broke. It's a clean break. The plan was to stabilize it for the night and make plans tomorrow on when to operate. I took it to Bird TLC and bedded it down.

Dr. Riddle, one of Bird TLC volunteer D.V.M.'s, came in early Monday morning to check 003 out and maybe operate. At that time the foot was cold and there is no reaction to the pinch. He stabilized it and returned it to his mew. We'll check on it in a couple days. Hopefully we have something better to report.

It's the Bohemian Waxwing season. They're out flocking around, running into things and sometimes eating too many fermented berries. We have several visiting with us for a little while.